Paper artist and stop-motion animator. 

My passion for animation all starts when I saw the Roi et l’oiseau by the animator Paul Grimault (the script was written by Jacques Prévert), at the age of five, I had my first cinematographic revelation. I remember that I had been impressed by the subtle balance between the anxiety and the delicacy given off by this movie. But it is only at the age of fourteen when I watched the film again that I have been able to understand and put words on the emotions I had felt as a young child. That was the day I knew what I wanted to do in the future.

What really mattered was giving people all sorts of emotions through the mixed experience of colours, textures, shapes and music… It is amazing how one art gives you the freedom to realize anything you like! That is a fact, EVERYTHING is possible in animation…

It is why I like to use and combine different means of expression and to incorporate music or theater. In the field of animation or others, I enjoy learning and experimenting all kinds of techniques. For me, it is not a question of desire but of necessity. Is there anything more wonderful than to be moved by moving others by making stuff moving?